So I’m Low-Carb – That Means I Can Eat Low-Carb Treats Right? – Part 1

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Disclaimer: This piece is not meant as anything other than general information. I am not a nutritionist or dietitian (yet!), nor am I a psychologist. My stance on healthy and unhealthy eating habits are rooted in personal experience and opinion only! 

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This post will probably be the first of many dealing with developing healthy eating habits and tackling those that are unhealthy. Firstly, let me be upfront. I have an unhealthy relationship with food – with treats more specifically. I am someone who struggles with emotional eating, and with eating a bit too much, and post-binge-eating shame over poor choices. It’s not something with which I want to just live – I want to tackle and conquer it!  The first thing one needs to do with an issue is to identify!

Considering my background of unhealthy eating habits – I totally understand the emotional pull to make and eat frequent sweet treats. I have a serious sweet tooth that rivals that of Santa Claus. However, I am aware that too much sugar is not healthy, no matter what anyone says. So where does that leave low-carb “treats”?

My Philosophy

Be honest and make mindful decisions. Be quick to forgive and learn from mistakes.

It makes sense to me to walk a line, to allow for healing through food, but also through habits, without creating so much stress due to deprivation. I’m not going to be a Sugar Nazi – but I want to challenge myself (and others), to identify the emotional reasoning behind craving treats. It makes little sense to ignore emotional habits that are  mentally and physically harmful. As such, I am working toward being more mindful of the treats I have. I am honest with myself when I ignore good choices. And I am learning to treat myself like I am someone I love. It’s learning self-respect and forgiveness, throwing out the old self-punishing attitudes, and using genuine positive expression in self-talk. That all might sound like an excerpt from a self-help book. However, I ignored this logic  for years while trying to find motivation in negative re-enforcement. Constant negativity doesn’t work – nor does it feel particularly pleasant. Why can’t we learn to be as forgiving with ourselves as we are with loved ones?

So! When I make myself treats I am mindful that there might be consequences. I try to choose the lesser of known evils and use ingredients that will be gentler on my body. When I falter and make a less-than-ideal choice, I work on forgiving myself and learn from it instead of wallowing in self-pity. It’s not easy and I still struggle daily. However, it’s worth it because it feels so much better to think more positive thoughts about one’s self instead of being so self-loathing.

You’re low-carb, that means you can eat low-carb treats right? Certainly. But be honest with yourself if you find yourself needing treats.

How do you approach “treats”?

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