Inaugural Post for Nosh Nerd

Nosh Nerd

It’s official. Nosh Nerd has finally come to fruition. This website and blog has been a budding idea in some form or another for a few years. It’s purpose is multifaceted. The focus, at least in the beginning, will be on recovering from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth(SIBO), providing information on SIBO, recipes that fit with recovering from it, as well as recipes that support gut health in general. When approaching lifestyle and health, a broad view, as well as a more focused one, should be employed.

One of the most frustrating things to deal with when doing a dietary change is feeling constrained. Having a more limited diet does not mean that you are doomed to food boredom. Creativity and resourcefulness are key!

Finally, as all good lifestyle should come from a logical and scientific stance, in areas where there is clear evidence, it will be shared. In areas where evidence is lacking or not clear we can ask questions and do our very best. My personal goal is to have a strong understanding of biological mechanisms, chemistry, etc. As my knowledge expands I will share it, and like a good nerd (and hopefully future scientist) provide sources.

Thanks so much and enjoy!

Cartoon of Nosh Nerd and Broccoli

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