2015 – Starting The Year With The 21 Day Sugar Detox!

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Last fall Rick and I did the 21 Day Sugar Detox for the first time. It was amazing. I felt so much better with stable blood sugar. But who wouldn’t? For several months after finishing the challenge I was fine. I was able to eat a small amount of fruit each week. Amazing! Then the holidays came around. I made a delicious paleo pumpkin pie. And I made a few other treats and allowed honey back into my weekly diet. Soooo yeah. While I didn’t loose complete control, I did feel like my sugar cravings were coming back.

On New Years, I basically had a carb hangover. I didn’t have that much sugar on New Years Eve: half a dark chocolate bar, one grapefruit, and about four ounces of hard cider. It wasn’t much, but it was too much for me.

Enter the BEST thing ever! The 21 Day Sugar Detox of course! The first Tuesday of January I jumped right back in. The relief I got the first time around was second to none. As such, I was looking forward to doing the challenge again.

What was different?

Since I had gone through this once before I felt more confident. Rules were easily remembered. I planned meals better. It was easier to identify or create recipes that were 21DSD compliant. (I’ll be writing up these recipes in the near future to share!)

I’m also taking pictures this time around. Not of every meal. But of something I eat every day. You can find those photos via Instagram and on my facebook page for Nosh Nerd.

When I started, I had more control over my sugar cravings than I did in the fall. So it was a little easier to start and I had an easier time in the first couple of days.

Another thing that’s different is that this time I’m doing it on my own. Rick doesn’t have the same issues with craving sugar that I do and thus didn’t feel the need to do it with me again. Even though I was the only one doing it, to make life easier, every meal I cooked was 21DSD compliant. Rick doesn’t care and understands when I’m not willing to make something because I’m not eating it. (He’s really fantastic. I recommend you get your own Rick.)

What was the same?

I still browsed pinterest and the web for recipe ideas for something fun to try. I made the lemon meltaways again. My restrictions guided my choices. No dairy, no nuts (I tried a few and just didn’t feel well), almost no fruit. I’m on day 15 and have only had a half of a grapefruit three times(one half on day 2 or 3, the second one this weekend, and the third just yesterday), and a half a green apple(Granny Smith). The apple still felt too sugary, even though it didn’t taste super sweet. Too much for me though. Rick and the dogs ate the rest of the Granny Smiths.

Going Forward

Last time around I did the 21 DSD a whole month. That’s what I felt I needed. After I finished I only really added in grapefruit and the occasional slice of apple(until the holidays came around of course). But this time, I don’t feel as fragile so I’m not sure what will be allowed back into my weekly diet. I can say with confidence that even if I end up in the future struggling with sugar cravings, it won’t be as stressful because I know I can beat them! Beyond just giving me a better sense of well being, going through the 21 Day Sugar Detox helped me address the mental challenge of tackling an unhealthy relationship with sugar.


What about you guys? Have you done a 21DSD(or Whole 30) more than once? Did you notice differences between each challenge?


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