Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure:

On my site you may find affiliate links from programs in which I am involved, for example – Amazon Affiliates. I participate because while I’m very happy to provide recipes and information on this site for free – I am a student and would like to make a little cash back for the time I put into my content.  I won’t participate in a program or suggest a product if I don’t like it or if I don’t find it useful. It should also be noted that these affiliations do not cause an increase in cost to you the consumer. Instead, should you chose to purchase something to which I link, I would earn a small commission off the original price.

I plan on running this blog like my current business in healthcare. I don’t refer my massage clients to other healthcare practitioners unless I think those practitioners would take care of my clients and do a good job. As such, in the world of the internets, affiliate programs, and whatnot, I plan on creating a lovely little referral network of people and products that should be of good quality.

If you have suggestions, especially about small start-up ethical companies please feel free to make a suggestion and I’ll get to researching to see if they are a good fit for my site.